I would highly recommend their ways of clearing your drain lines. It's a much better method than the typical snake drain clean out can do. They can actually cut the roots out that are in your lines.

Joe L.

Best in town, only guys I will ever use!

Ronnie B.

My mother is 84years old and the house is very old, The pervious company was outrageous and was not honest with the estimate. Emergency Drain Cleaning completed the job for half the money. They did clean the mess with towels and all of the drain in the home. Perfect for quick services and step by step explanation on what was being repaired. RECOMMEND FOR ANYONE

Bowman B.

Prompt, polite and efficient.

Nancy M.


Dan G.

Wesley was very nice and professional. He was here in less than 3 hours after I called. It was a pleasure working with him. We will call him again if we have an issue.

Augusto O.

Very friendly, very efficient and great pricing!

Anthony M.

Good experience

Cheryl F.

Emergency Drain Cleaning called shortly after I posted what I wanted. In a very short time he was here with everything he needed to fix my drain and it turned out that he needed it all ( including 2 Co2 cartridges ). I had been dealing with a clogged kitchen drain for about a week and Drano wasn't getting it. So when I saw the drain was full of water I got my plunger and REALLY started plunging and I heard a lot of plastic cracking and I knew what it was, my grandkids had put a small bottle of water in the drain that I keep for their trip home. Now I didn't have a choice but to pay for a professional. He ended up using everything he had brought ( including 2 Co2 cartridges ) the last snake did it. What a relief !!!

Rod M.

He was friendly, knowledgeable , and timely. I would highly recommend him.

Tom G.