We have a limited-time offer to clean-out or clear any MAIN drain for $93.00 or it's free, using company's standard procedures

Certain limitations and restrictions apply to the current offer, and the offer is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1) Applies only to services rendered during normal weekday business hours, Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm, holidays excluded, and;

2) Applies only to first-time residential customers who own and reside in a single-family property where the drain plumbing problems exist, and;

3) Applies only to properties that have city water supply and sewer systems and not septic systems, and;

4) Applies only to plumbing / drainage systems with exposed, easily visable exterior ground level, reasonable easy access to clean-outs and piping systems, and excludes access through crawl spaces, attics or roof vents, removal or resetting of any plumbing fixtures/lines, and offer excludes exterior driveway drains, deck drains, garage drains, pool drains and similar drains, etc, and that;

5) Company's standard drain cleaning / clearing methods as set forth in the $93 or it's free offer, include up to 75 lineal feet of drain snake implementation for mainline sewer lines, and;

6) Company does not assume or accept any responsibility for property damage or breakages of any kind to any part of weak, defective or broken, drains, pipes, sewer lines, plumbing, fixtures or other damages to the property from the work performed by the company while attempting to clean-out / clear drains, or from new or defective replacement items manufactured by others, while attempting to clean-out or clear blocked drains, and;

7) Customer must provide company employees clear access to the property and work areas for company to perform its work, including customer's removal and protection of customer's personal property and contents

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